The Concierge Hub is the newest addition to the “by Aurora Group.”This company is entirely dedicated to investments in real estate in Portugal as well as those seeking a residence permit in Europe through the golden visa. The Concierge Hub will also support clients with relocation and concierge services to help them settle down in their new home in Portugal.Right now Portugal is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in Europe, allied with an affordable cost of living and great weather all year around making it the perfect place to move to.This year it has been voted as the third safest country in the World. The concierge hub offers different options of properties that suit our client’s budget and lifestyle, if you are looking to live in the buzzing city or by the sea, we will be able to offer what you need, for both rentals and buyers.Portugal offers a great quality of life for Families, a quiet place for those seeking a place for their retirement, as well as all year round art & cultural activities and music festivals for the younger generations.Expat exchange website recently conducted a survey : “10 best countries for expats” and Portugal is with no surprise part of that list.The climate, access to good health care and friendliness of the Portuguese continues to make Portugal an increasingly popular destination for expats from all over the world.An Expat in Portugal Shared (2020 Best Places Survey):”We love pretty much everything about living in the Porto area. It is quite rainy from November through January (Seattle like) but other than that, the weather is great. The rest of the year is warm and mild. The people are wonderful, friendly and helpful, and the food and wines are outstanding for half or less than food and drink in the states. The food is fresher and more flavorful than in the US and the variety is great. It is a seafood and wine lover’s dream come true. Healthcare is outstanding and for a fraction of the cost of that stateside.”Early in the Pandemic, Another shared (COVID-19 Survey): “Frustrating that we cannot get out. Protective measures are only minor inconveniences. Virtually no disruption in availability of products / food in stores, the only exception being hand sanitizer, and face masks (early on only, now resolved). No price hikes in stores either. In the US & UK friends are reporting issues with price increases, and reduced availability of various items.