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American and British investors bullish on Portugal

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American and British investors are banking on Portugal on a scale never before seen. As safe bets go, Portugal is ticking all the boxes, appealing to savvy Anglo-Saxon investors. Set for growth thanks to a booming tech industry, government policies fostering foreign investment, and the country’s popularity as a tourism and relocation destination, Portuguese property […]

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A Concierge Hub ira organizar dois eventos no Dubai a 18 de Janeiro 2021 e 7 de Fevereiro 2021. Agências imobiliárias em Portugal tem a oportunidade de apresentar alguns dos seus imóveis mais emblemáticos a um network de indivíduos detentores de grandes fortunas, membros de familias reais, Embaixadores e CEO’s de grandes empresas multinacionais, e […]

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Gold visas continue, but only outside Lisbon, Porto and the coast areas.

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Limits on the granting of residence permits, which aim to channel investment inland and islands, will have a transition period that lasts until 2022. In October 2012, with the objective of attracting foreign investment to the country, the gold visa regime is about to change. The Government approved yesterday (December 22, 2020)  the decree-law that alters the legal […]

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Investidores estrangeiros no Dubai continuam interessados nos Vistos Gold

posted by: at: 6.10.21 in

9 de junho de 2021 Diario Imobiliario No primeiro evento do The Concierge Hub, uma empresa que vende imobiliário português de luxo a membros de famílias reais, CEO’s de grandes empresas, embaixadores e detentores de grandes fortunas (HNWI) no Dubai, os investidores estrangeiros procuraram as vantagens do Visto Gold. CEO’s, Vice presidentes, fundadores e donos de negócios e empresas sediadas no Dubai, […]

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We have already a confirmed event on the 06th of June 2021 in the Portuguese restaurant “Tasca” This event will be an exclusive for our client VIC PROPERTIES and they will be presenting their latest development PRATA RIVERSIDE Vic Properties will be joined by their partners CRS Lawyers that are specialized in Golden Visa in Portugal.

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Portugal is the 10th most attractive country for foreign investment

posted by: at: 6.25.21 in

Lusa 18 June 2021 A study by EY revealed Portugal is the 10th most attractive country for foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2020. Last year, 154 FDI projects were announced in the Portuguese market. Portugal moved from 11th to 10th position of the most attractive economies for foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2020 regarding the […]

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Portuguesa vende casas de luxo à realeza e a multimilionários no Dubai

posted by: at: 3.17.21 in

16 de março de 2021- Diario Imobiliario Inês Amaral, já viveu em países como a Alemanha, Ilhas Mauricias e agora está no Dubai. Durante a pandemia criou a The Concierge Hub, uma empresa para vender imobiliário português de luxo a membros de famílias reais, CEO’s de grandes empresas, Embaixadores e detentores de grandes fortunas (HNWI). Além de vender […]

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Imagine waking up as the light gently enters the room. Imagine getting up, opening the windows and letting the glorious sunlight flood the house, while the magnificent view over the river invites you to think about all the possibilities the new day has to offer, a few minutes away from the main points of interest […]

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The Concierge Hub is the newest addition to the “by Aurora Group.”This company is entirely dedicated to investments in real estate in Portugal as well as those seeking a residence permit in Europe through the golden visa. The Concierge Hub will also support clients with relocation and concierge services to help them settle down in […]

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The Concierge Hub is another company that was created during the lockdown. I was probably having one of the most creative moments in my life and decided to bring  projects to life  that were in the “to do list” for some time. In 2019, Portugal was voted the third best European country for Expats for […]

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The Top 10 Most Welcoming Countries

posted by: at: 3.27.21 in

Portugal, Taiwan, and Mexico top the table when it comes to the friendliness of the local population towards foreign residents, but expats can expect a frosty welcome in Switzerland, Austria, and Kuwait, according to the respondents of the Expat Insider survey. For the first time ever in the Expat Insider survey, Portugal claims the top position as […]

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The World’s Best Places to Retire in the World

posted by: at: 3.3.21 in

By International Living January 1, 2021 It’s no wonder that Portugal has topped the charts for the best places to retire through the years. This tiny country in the southwest corner of Europe has something for everyone. Vibrant cities full of Old World charm, miles of golden sandy beaches, green, rolling hills, some of the best healthcare in the […]

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Vistos ‘gold’: Restrições nas áreas metropolitanas e no litoral adiadas 6 meses para 2022

posted by: at: 2.13.21 in

O fim de ‘vistos gold’ para investidores imobiliários estrangeiros no litoral e áreas metropolitanas de Lisboa e Porto foi hoje adiado por seis meses, face ao anunciado pelo Governo, arrancando em 1 de Janeiro de 2022. Tal como anunciado pelo Governo, quando a lei foi aprovada em Conselho de Ministros em 22 de Dezembro, o […]

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Vistos Gold continuam, mas só fora de Lisboa, Porto e litoral

posted by: at: 12.28.20 in

Source: Idealista news – 23 Dezembro 2020 Lançado, em outubro de 2012, com o objetivo de atrair investimento estrangeiro para o país, o regime dos vistos gold está prestes a mudar. O Governo aprovou ontem (dia 22 de dezembro de 2020) o decreto-lei que altera o regime jurídico das autorizações de residência para investimento (ARI), que serviu de motor ao […]

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